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By | 15 Kasım 2019

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The values ​​of these major currency pairs are constantly changing, as is the volume of trading between countries. These instruments are usefully associated with countries that have some financial importance in the global economy. In general, these are the currency pairs that are the most volatile. But does that mean that they are automatically the best as well? Not necessarily! Because traders can generate both profits and losses due to these fluctuations. These couples definitely have very good trading conditions and mostly a relatively small spread, but that does not make them the definitive best Forex pairs for any trader
Are strong currencies also the best currency pairs?

best forex trader 2021

With over 200 countries worldwide, it’s no wonder that a variety of currency pairs are available for forex trading. However, not all of them are unconditionally “ideal” for every trader. So what’s the best currency pair? What is the most traded? Which couples are worth being traded and which are not?

Before looking at the best currency pairs, let’s look at which currencies are the strongest in the world. Which includes:

US Dollars (USD)
Euro (EUR)
Australian Dollars (AUD)
Swiss francs (CHF)
Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
British Pounds (GBP)

This list already shows some of the most popular currency pairs. If you want to be successful in Forex trading, you need to develop a deeper understanding of the currency pair that you want to trade. Selecting a pair from this list makes it a lot easier to do just that, because there are plenty of resources and resources for the most popular currencies.
Analysis of the potentially best pairs

Now let’s take a closer look at the most attractive options available to you in forex trading:

EUR / USD – This pair can be considered as the most popular currency pair. In addition, it generally has the lowest spread among many brokers, which together with its relatively low volatility makes it a very entry-friendly option in currency trading. The pair is often used as a model for basic technical analysis. If you do not want to take a big risk, you can fall back on the EUR / USD market. That only a lot of information material can be found on this instrument, only underlines this.

GBP / USD – Profitable pips and price jumps have contributed much to the popularity of this forex pair. However, you have to keep in mind that these gaps mean both greater profits and greater risk of losses. This currency pair can be counted among the more volatile instruments. Due to the high density of information and analysis material, it remains an accessible market despite the risks.

USD / JPY – Another very popular currency pair in the world of forex trading. Generally it is associated with low spreads and elegant trend patterns. Traders who specialize in trading trends will find particularly profitable trading opportunities here.

All forex majors are characterized by comparatively small spreads, but due to their volatility, this is only limitedly applicable to the GBP / USD pair. In general, it is always a good idea to stay away from high-spread currency pairs. Experts recommend focusing on a spread range of 0-3 pips, with spreads of 6 or more pips shunned, as trades above this value are simply too costly to be realistically profitable. However, this does not mean that you should automatically renounce all currency pairs with high spreads.
Special couples

It should always be considered separately that the best currency pair for you is always the one you are most familiar with. It is already a great advantage if you trade the currency of your country, even if it does not belong to the majors. If you have prior knowledge of a volatile pair, that may well outweigh a higher spread. The knowledge of the political and economic situation of your home country translates directly to knowledge about possible price developments in the relevant currency pairs. That’s why we recommend trading in Forex markets that include your local currency. In most cases, this can be traded against the US dollar, so it is advisable to keep an eye on its development.

The dynamics of Forex markets is an interesting topic worth keeping an eye on. Developments in the global economy can often give us a premonition of how the markets will behave.

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