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By | 15 Kasım 2019

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You also want to benefit from the sometimes large fluctuations in the global currency markets? Then you need a broker. But not some, but the best broker. You can easily find this with our great forex broker comparison 2018. Independent reviews, real experiences, honest recommendations. We make it easier for you to make a quick decision in terms of money. But we do not stop at forex trading. Stocks, Binary Options and CFDs are also very popular. Therefore, we also compare providers from these areas for you.

On forexbroker.de you will find an extensive collection of detailed online broker reviews. But that’s not enough! You can also get an overview of the experiences of other traders. In this way, it should be easy to find the right broker for your trading activities and ultimately choose the best broker. There are numerous brokers on forexbroker.de the appropriate reviews and customer experience including videos.

Rounding out the offer on forexbroker.de by brokerage brokers, the stock exchanges around the world, and many other topics. We research different strategies for you and thus help to make your trade more effective. For example, try the carry trade strategy or get to know the potential of the MACD indicator.
Securities trading offers these advantages – and it has this potential

Securities trading offers you several advantages. In this way, you can profit from a high return and there is the possibility to earn (additional) income through securities trading. In particular, trading in binary options offers the opportunity for high profits – returns of 90 or more percent are not uncommon in this area. From the terms and the fees for individual orders, it is primarily the discount brokers, which attract their customers with low prices. In this way, a cheap securities trading is often possible. But also with the larger and larger brokers as well as with direct banks the trading fees are usually not much higher.

The offered potential is therefore very high overall and offers you, as a trader, the opportunity to financially build a new foothold. However, the potential risks of capital loss should always be kept in mind.

The individual broker types in short portrait

There are a large number of brokers in the market for securities trading. In many cases these offer a trading option to your clients, but various brokers are also more versatile and allow traders to trade with different instruments more flexibly. Basically, one differentiates between four different broker types. In order to get a better picture in the forex broker comparison, these are presented in more detail below:
Stock brokers

An online stock broker primarily offers its clients the securities of listed stock corporations. Trading in equities is fundamentally the core area of ​​securities trading, as it is limited to the essentials. Shares are shares that investors can buy at (fixed) issue prices. Trading in equities is possible through a stockbroker on the stock exchange but also on off-exchange trading venues. The broker acts as a middleman and usually charges his clients an agency fee. This is called Courtage.
Binary options broker

Trading in binary options is once again differentiated. In this case one speculates as a trader on a rising or falling course. Yields are very high in this case, but the business is also risky. Different brokers offer their clients a return of up to 99 percent, so you can very quickly win a lot of money in the case of a good speculation. Binary options trading is always futures that can range from a few seconds to a much longer duration (12 months +).
CFD Broker

Trading in CFDs describes the purchase and sale of differential contracts. The English term is Contract for Difference. In CFD trading one speculates as a trader on price changes and trades outside the stock market. Virtually every underlying asset is tradable, and in addition to trading in equity CFDs, many CFD brokers also trade in commodity or indices CFDs. In this way, as a trader you are very flexible and can often benefit from a wide range of trading instruments. As a trader, you also have the choice of whether SHORT or LONG should be traded – that is, you either on falling exchange rate differences or on increasing price difference

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